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​Caboolture Touch Coaching Staff Code of Conduct

Caboolture Touch Social Media Policy

Junior representative teams

Objectives of the policy the objective of this policy is to provide guidance on the selection and post selection processes for junior players seeking to represent caboolture touch association.

  1. Eligibility
    1. To be eligible to trial for a representative team a player must: (a) Be a registered financial member at CTA. (b) Have played seven (7) games during the past or current season. For clarity, a past season is the season immediately prior to the current season for which selection is being sought. (c) Meet the relevant eligibility criteria set down by the controlling Association or governing body for that particular event including Conditions of Entry put in place by Queensland Touch Football (QTF) or Touch Football Australia (TFA).
  2. Events Caboolture Touch Association will have two (2) forms of events:
    1. Representative – These will be events run by Regional and State affiliates and include events such as Sunshine Coast Junior Regionals and Junior State Cup.
    2. Development – These will be events run by club level associations and may include events such as Falcons Cup.
  3. Teams
    1. The CTA Committee will make the determination on the final number of teams attending any event. In determining the final numbers of teams attending an event, the following will be considered: (a) Player development opportunities; (b) The future benefit that attendance at an event will provide to the players/age division/Association. (c) Resource implications including but not limited to accommodation, referee requirements and availability of coaching and managing staff.
    2. The final number of teams attending an event will be determined and approved by the CTA Committee. It should be noted, that this determination is not based solely on the total number of participants trailing for selection in an age division.
  4. Selection Process
    1. Teams will be selected through the use of skills and drills sessions, or trial days/games where possible. The selection process may also include demonstrated consistent performance throughout the regular seasons’ fixtures.
    2. The best Team for a particular event will be selected as opposed to the best performed players.
    3. Players must play in their age division, except in the instance of player shortages in an older age division. In these instances: (a) A request must be made by the coach of the older age division to the Committee. (b) Only players in excess of the requirements of the correct age division may play in the higher age division. (c) This will only be permitted where those players going to a higher age division will not reduce the overall performance of the younger age division of the team in which they came from.
    4. Players will generally be selected into positions as required by the relevant coach.
    5. In the situation where two players are equal after assessment and the selectors and coach cannot agree, preference will be given to the player who has demonstrated ability to perform the required role for that particular tournament.
    6. Assessment sheets may be used as a tool in providing Selectors/coaches with a guide to the performance of players throughout the selection process. The assessment sheets are in no way the sole criteria for player selection.
    7. The assessment sheets will not be released and are only available to the Committee, coach and/or observation panel.
    8. The final number of players in the team required for any event will be determined by the teams coach in consultation with the CTA Manager.
    9. The CTA Manager and Committee ultimately holds the responsibility for ensuring that the trialling and selection process remains fair and equitable. In this regard, the CTA Committee may, where warranted, direct further selection trails to be run. In these circumstances, only those participants who trailed previously (for that event) may be eligible to re-trial. Dispensation may be accepted as per Points 7 and 8 above.
  5. Injury and Dispensation
    1. Players who cannot trial (e.g. injury, illness or the like) may still be taken into consideration when determining the best possible team available to compete at an event. In these instances a request for player dispensation MUST be submitted by the player/players parent or guardian, to the Manager – Caboolture Touch Association IN WRITING prior to the trial commencing.
    2. CTA may ask for an assessment/proof (e.g. doctors or similar certificate) of the players injury by a person nominated by the committee where an injury has been provided as the reason for the submission of the player dispensation request.
    3. Unfit or injured players that have been selected in a representative team may be replaced at any time up to the commencement of the event with the approval of the Committee. It should be noted that the CTA coaching staff and Committee will make every effort to work with an injured player prior to making any decision to replace that player.
    4. Before a player is replaced, the coach must have the option of reshuffling the composition of the team. The player to fill the vacant position will then be chosen by the team coach in consultation with the selectors and or committee.
  6. Post Selection
    1. Replacement players who attended the required selection event/s will be given first opportunity to fill any vacated positions that become available prior to players who did not attend the selection events/ trial
    2. The CTA Committee must approve all replacement players before they are included in a team. To remove any doubt, formal notification of a player being accepted in to a team will be provided from the Manager Caboolture Touch Association.
    3. Only players from CTA may be used in any lead up carnivals or trials the team participates in before the event for which the team has been selected.
    4. The CTA Committee must approve all team nominations to carnivals and trial games against other affiliates

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